Our Roadmap/Whitepaper
The Stitch Monkey project is a collection of 5,555 unique monkey NFTs collectables. Your Stitch Monkey is a living attachment of multiple parts of many different animals, with each portion of your Monkey available to be used in the future for building another unique PFP creation that makes you the creator instead of merely a collector. Each piece of the Stitch Monkey is unique and certain attributes will unlock special future airdrops and/or rewards. Every holder (scientist) will be a representative of “stitching” together our vibrant and collaborative community. Having the ability to just own a “part” of a larger whole will enable any and all individuals to come together. What will you create?
We want StitchMonkey to be a place where holders craft and add-on to their existing attributes. Holders can effectively customize their NFT’s and create new combinations using different materials. Web3 is all about engagement and monetization; we’re not stopping there! All holders can trade the NFT’s, materials, and attributes on the secondary market. We want to create a virtual economy where everyone can create/collect their favorite NFT’s/Attributes.Through storytelling, our main narrative puts you in the role of a mad scientist. We want our Our holders are in control of what the future of StitchMonkey looks like, not the devs.
Every Stitch Monkey holder will be eligible to enter the DegenLab, which is a 3D fully immersive metaverse environment. Read on to the next part for more details.
A brief outline of our roadmap, by stages
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