Revenue Share

The revenue sharing will mainly be dictated by both the team and the DegenDAO. Everyone will get to discuss this topic as it involves everyone, especially all our dedicate holders and community members. We all share the same ideals as everyone when it comes to reaching the same goals and we all want a bright future for this project as well. We want everyone to benefit from this, not just the team members.
A portion of the sales from our clothing brand will be given back to our holders; the community will get to decide on the percentage.
There's also the aspect of sharing the revenues from staking. We're not really business people; we just want to build the best experience for everyone and allow all our holders to benefit as much as possible from this project. Our main goal is to build something great that everyone will be amazed by and enjoy; that's all we really care the most about. And we have felt that if part of the benefits should be given back to our community, we're all for it.