🧪The DegenLab

The DegenLab is a 3D environment that will enable holders to "stitch up" portions of their NFT to build another new NFT. The portions they "tear out" can be sold, staked, or held. This will allow multiple avenues for revenue (for example, staking will generate tokens which can be used for the lab environment or sold). Creating a newer NFT will burn the previous generation which will increases the scarcity of the original collection.

Fun fact: Frankenstein’s monster is given no name in the book written by Mary Shelley, but referred to only as ‘creature’, ‘monster’, ‘fiend’, ‘wretch’, ‘vile insect’, ‘demon’, ‘being’, or ‘it’.

Video overview

Here's a sneak peak of the DegenLab's found footage, stolen from the U.S. Government (be sure to listen with sound on):

"...Let there be life..."

Your arm hair rises. A buzz, then thunder! It struck the stitched corpse. Lifeless, cold. It’s chest rose. Only 5,555 such apes survived the jolt. Who will behold these Gorz? Your Stitch Monkey is the key to DegenLab, and has all the finest tools forged in the metaverse, available at your disposal. In the DegenLab: gather your Gorz. Dissolve their stitches. Rearrange the stitched parts. Create your own Stitch Animal, it’s rebirth on to the blockchain will be part of the REBORN collection (Gen II Gorz). This be your own unique creation-like a puzzle you rearrange components of your Stitch Monkey NFT.

Note: Our algorithm prevents identical REBORN from being minted. Only unique new creations may experience rebirth.

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