We are a group of frens primarily in the United States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Although we are working far apart from one another, our bond is very strong; we are like a true degen fam. Our professions are made up heavily and primarily of developers and artists, with a strong passion for technology, crypto, and NFT's.
Finalized conceptual art of the DegenLab, where our team was born
Stitch Monkey Leader - Founder and Developer
A software developer who has been involved with cryptocurrency since the heavy usage of Bitcoin, and it extended to Ethereum as far back as 2015. He didn't realize the potential of NFTs until much later (as early as December 2020), and from there, everything just took off. He learned very quickly about how NFT economics worked and continues to observe even today. Stitch Leader is a software developer at heart and building behind the scenes and tinkering with many different things. Solving problems and puzzles is always his passion, and he is proud to finally start something which is an amalgamation of everything he learned from web2 to web3, and beyond. Working under him are several other part-time developers who assist him with day to day duties and tasks, such as building the DegenLab to modifying certain aspects of the NFT features.
Slayffin - Head Degen
An eCommerce People Leader by day, and a degen by night. He got his start in crypto in August of 2020 during the DeFi Summer. He bought ETH at $300 not knowing it was about to rip! He held through each crash and put everything on Celsius, only to get rugged. His main passions are web3 and community building. He is multi-chain focused, cause fuck being a maxi.
Pwoseidon - Mad Scientist
Speaking of Maxi’s, Pwoseidon is a badass community leader that got his start in the ICP ecosystem. He’s released 2 different collections with more on the way. He’s a degens degen, and an amazing council. His influence and words carry weight across multiple chains.
Bullish Brad - Front-End Dev
While working alongside the Leader, Brad also works on mainly focusing on a lot of the front-end web designs and aspects of the project, usually to pixel perfection. His expertise comes from working at multiple large corporations and startups, as well as some freelance projects of his own related to web3 most recently. While he's not coding, he degens hard on NFTs on multiple chains while spending time learning more about the latest web technologies.
Spatula - Back-end & 3D Dev
Spat has extensive knowledge in backend technologies and has worked for a lot of major corporations as well as some blockchain companies most recently; namely in VeChain and the Cardano Foundation. He has been writing smart contracts for many years, starting with Ethereum. He also has some knowledge in coding 3D environments for multiple clients who made games and advertisements. He will be the primary DegenLab coder.
Paul G. - Lead Artist
Paul's work has helped us with drawing out our imaginations for this project and he has worked for many major firms that have made artworks for major studio games and Hollywood films. His major work was with the "Call of Duty" franchise.
You - Stitch Monkey Holder/Collector
Your role in this project is very simple. You will all collectively be the voice, mind, and heart of the project. Everyone will have a say and your participation in the project alone will carry it forward. You will all get to be builders and create something new and amazing for the blockchain that has never been done before. You are vital and we need everyone's help.