Community Building

The most important aspects of any NFT project is always the community.
There's no debate on this; all the most successful NFT projects have a large and vibrant community. We are mainly focused on building an inclusive community full of many different people who are willing to work together and foster a long term relationship in order to help steer the proper direction of the project which will be mutually beneficial to all.
The first sales is just the beginning--this will be the catalyst to start another stronger community backing for which everyone will want to join.
We are actively collaborating with multiple projects and DAO's within the NFT universe; no chain is too big or small; we are all inclusive and want everyone to join our fam.
We want everyone to feel that they truly belong somewhere, and that's what we are trying to build at Stitch Monkey. It's not just about building your own PFP NFT, but it's part of a much larger message of building the world together, which is slowly being torn apart.
We hope to change all that.